Rebecca Raine 2107

Rebecca Lenore Raine, Huntsville, AL

Rebecca is an honor student who is close to finishing her nursing studies at the University of Alabama. Rebecca wrote: "Nursing allows me to utilize my organizational skills, take advantage of my extroversion, and puts me in a working environment that is not likely to be monotonous."


Molly Durand 2017

Molly Lauren Durand, Acton, MA

In fall 2017, Molly begins her freshman year in the College of Nursing at Villanova University, in Villanova, PA. Molly is especially interested in Urgent Care training. She plans to begin work in a major city like Washington, DC, and then continue her studies to become a Nurse Practictioner.

Marielle Durand 2017

Marielle Durand, Gold Hill, OR

Marielle is senior in the accounting program at Oregon State University in Eugene, OR, where she will graduate in spring 2018. She is in the University Honors College and is pursuing a second Bachelor of Science degree in finance. "I plan to earn my CPA certification and start full-time work in audit in the fall of 2018," Marielle wrote.

Alice Keppel 2017 Alice Durand Keppel, Mayer, MN
Alice received a DHF Research Award to participate in a French language immersion program in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, once home to Durand ancestors. Alice later wrote: "Quebec, la belle provence,was on my to-do list for eight years before I could make the trip. I wanted to hear my father Adelard's first language, my Father tongue. I wanted to see the land from which his family hailed. I wanted to make contact with people who might be connected to those six families that immigrated to the United States." Alice received the award with the agreement that she would chronicle her experiences for the Durand Heritage Foundation newsletter.